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Group Art Therapy utilises metaphor and symbolism combined with art mediums to help you to make meaning of your inner and outer worlds. Art mediums include (but are not limited to) drawing, painting, papier mache, mandalas, journalling, doll making, weaving, 3D work, marbling.... 




Thrive inArt - Nurturing the Feminine Spirit through Art...


Thrive inArt is a women's only art based group offering women time out to relax and explore issues which matter to them.  Thrive inArt offers a safe and welcoming space for which to explore personal issues, express the 'feminine self' through art based projects, develop new, or nurture existing creative skills and connect with other like minded women. Thrive inArt is a soul nurturing women's only creative space.  


  • Wild succulent women

  • Embracing imperfection

  • Letting go of the monkey bars  



Thrive inArt group sessions will be offered on request. 




Mental Health and wellbeing groups:


Thrive offers safe and non judgemental therapeutic art based groups for any age or gender that focus on mental health and wellbeing. Utilising a strength based and self compassion approach, groups are tailored to need and can include:


  • Therapeutic art based exploration of personal issues which impact on mental health and wellbeing

  • Practical and nurturing strategies to manage symptoms  of anxiety and depression and subsequent life challenges

  • Community based art groups that challenge stigma and promote understanding of mental health issues


Mental health and wellbeing groups are run on request. If you are interested in finding out about setting up a therapeutic art based group please contact me on the details below... 

For more information contact Mandy Flint on 0430 544 470 or email:


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