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Welcome to Inner Thrivings...

Inner Thrivings is my inner most thoughts as a woman, mother, wife and human being! I love to use art therapy on myself as a way to gain clarity and insight into all that life throws my way so this blog shares my art therapy inspirations in word form...

I am by no means a writer but hope that you can gain some personal insight and make some meaning of your own inner world by what I share. The art used in this blog will be my own works and of course are not masterpieces as art therapy is not about the product but the process...

I will also utilise artworks (with permission) from other female artists to celebrate them many wonderful women artists out there.

The content of these blogs will also be published in my newsletter "Inner Thrivings" which will be available soon. I am not a prolific blogger but will do my best to post regularly. I welcome any constructive feedback or insights that you wish to share and I hope you enjoy my posts!

Mandy :o)


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