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Whether you are an Art Therapist, a student or someone who understands the value of art in the healing process, the following resources provide an evidence base to the practice and efficacy of Art Therapy.  There is of course many more resources out there, so these are just a chosen few...



Arts and health research...


Healing with Creative Expression: “The act of creating, in whatever form, is a way of accepting our experience, our pain, and doing something with it. Creativity is known to reduce stress, and serotonin – the chemical that alleviates feelings of depression – is also increased during creative activity. Art making opens pathways to talking about difficult feelings but even if no verbal expression accompanies the process the actual creative act in itself is very healing and can bring deep personal insights. In a group situation there is the added benefit of connecting people with each other and I have seen enormous healing come from that alone.” (Jyoti Thomas, DVIRC Quarterly, Autumn Ed, page 1,  2008)


Arts & Health: “It is now well recognised among health promotion professionals worldwide that not only can the arts be a conduit for promoting health but also that access to and participation in the arts can itself foster good health and well being. There is a growing body of evidence that involvement in the arts can have a positive effect on the mental health of both individuals and their communities. In particular, participation in community festivals and celebrations can enhance quality of life of the community by adding to the general feeling of community satisfaction and trust individuals have in each other. (Berkowitz 2001, Hilbers 2001)” (Healthway News, page 2, Dec 2004, WA)


“The arts can also promote mental health because diversity is not just accepted in the arts, but valued. Creative activity can be a way of expressing complex issues and in this way, art can be a powerful advocacy tool on social issues and can lead to better education, reduced crime and increased community tolerance and understanding.” (Healthway News, page 2, Dec 2004, WA)



Further Readings

Recommended authors....


Cathy Malchiodi, Shaun McNiff, Susan I Buchalter, Glenda Needs, Cornelia Elbrecht

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