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training - consulting - supervision - community development 


Working with professionals and community at a grass roots level is one of my passions and combining professional development and social action activities with art can produce some incredible results. 

Professional Development

Workshops include:

  • Introduction to art therapy                                        

  • Understanding family violence

  • Working with infants and children effected by family violence

  • Customised workshops also available - please contact me to discuss your needs and fees



Providing consultancy services to organisations looking for professional skills and strategies in working with children and young people with trauma. Services include:

  • Supervision services - individual and group supervision to social workers and counsellors

  • Reflective practice facilitation

  • Individual case consultation  

  • Child and family assessments 

  • Please contact Mandy for fee schedule

Community Development/Social Action

Past projects I have developed and facilitated in partnership through my work in women's health include:

  • Who's wearing the responsibility - An art based gender violence project incorporating community action and an art exhibition to challenge rape culture and promote awareness around violence against women. Women participated in a 6 week workshop developing metaphors and art work on clothing to represent who they see as wearing the responsibility for men's violence against women. (See report below for  further details)

  • De-myth-defied - Challenging common myths about domestic and family violence through community consultation, an art exhibition and launch of prevention resources. This project ran over 18 months and drew on the National Community Attitudes Survey 2009. (See report below for further details)

  • Claiming the Light -An art exhibition sharing women's stories of strength and resilience through art. The art was developed as part of a women's art group I facilitated through Southern Women's Health in SA. The group called Community Sisters was a community art group for women who wanted to share their stories through art.  Term by term we ran various themes celebrating women's wisdom and strength. The art exhibition drew on 4 terms of group sessions where women explored their light - their strength and courage despite adversity. The art exhibition ran over 6 weeks and was a great success, not only due to the impact it had on the local community but because the women of Community Sisters participated in the planning and running of the exhibition. Special thanks to Community Sisters and Stacey McCaig who coordinated the exhibition.    






Special acknowlegdements go to Southern Women's Health - WCHN - Noarlunga Centre SA, Strengthening Communities and the Onkaparinga Collaborative Approach for the Prevention of Domestic and Indigenous Family Violence. For a full list of acknowlegdements for the above projects see page  4 of the attached report.



  • Workshops on any social issue - drawing out critical analysis and reflection amongst participants, providing both personal awareness and knowledge building and fostering ideas for community engagement.

  • Group facilitation - providing a therapeutic space where participants can explore their own life experiences in a safe way whilst taking action to promote social justice and awareness.

  • Facilitation of art projects - Providing opportunities to integrate metaphor and symbolism with social justice issues that can then be transformed into community art projects.

  • Working in partnership with existing groups/organisations - bringing practice experience, in-depth social justice knowledge and art skills to any existing project as required. 


I can work with any stage of a project and can supply art materials on request and as negotiated. Fees are dependent on the scale of the project but start at $80 per hour plus materials. *Rates can be negotiated for community groups.





Professional Development...

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